Monday, May 5, 2014

Ultimate Girls Camp Planning Kit

So, I've been keeping really busy these last few weeks putting this camp manual together for my Camp Director.  It has been so much fun.

I LOVE Girl's camp.  It is the highlight of my year and I feel so lucky that I've been able to go each year for the last 9 years.  I went 4 as a camp assistant, 3 as camp director and 2 as a Young Women leader.  What a huge blessing it has been to work with the Young Women.  Camp can really be such a magical, spiritual time to renew and bond and strengthen one another as sisters. Yah, so I can't say enough about how much I LOVE girl's camp.  So, do you guys get the idea that I really really love girl's camp?  Haha!

Without further adieu, I want to introduce this amazing camp director's kit.  It really stems from so many years of compiling my own lists and coming up with my own layouts, plans, ideas and such.  I thought I would make it available to others since there really is nothing else out there for this sort of thing, at least that I've found.

This download kit includes:

  • Camp Roster
  • Girl's Camp Overview - general questions and planning
  • Weekly overview page with hourly planning
  • Daily detail page with a hourly plan and menu overview
  • Packing lists for: Kitchen, Paper-Goods, Equipment, First-Aid Kit, and miscellaneous
  • Weekly menu overview
  • Daily menu guides with a place to write down the meals and the ingredients needed for each meal to help generate a master shopping list
  • Food preparation reminders
  • Individual shopping lists broken down by section: Fresh Produce, Bakery, Meats/Deli, Paper Goods, and Other
  • Certification broken down by level from first year up to youth leader. Each requirement is listed along with a place for each girls name and checkbox for when they have completed that item
  • Direction on extinguishing a fire, how to help accident victims, life threatening cases, shock, the Heimlich maneuver, rescue breathing, CPR and burns. You can teach the girls right out of your planning guide.
  • A master overview of all certification requirements by year and by category. 
  • Assignment checklist
  • Name slips and a Secret Sisters "Who has who?" form
  • Notes pages throughout
  • Camp Craft checklist
  • Tent/Cabin Assignments
  • Camp packing list for the girls & leaders
8-1/2" x 11" Sheet, Full Color.  Recommend that you print on at LEAST a #50 paper (so as not to show through like in the pictures, but only if it bothers you ;)  

So those are just a few samples of the colorful pages that you get with your DOWNLOADABLE purchase.   It has just a bit of everything you need to plan a great camp.

These are meant to be downloaded, printed (according to your needs/wants, ie. if you have 20 + girls, print out a couple rosters and certification sheets, if you have 5-10, print out one, etc. )  If you want to make multiple copies for YOUR WARD ONLY, then that is perfectly okay with me.  If you are purchasing for a stake or bulk, let me know and I will give you a discount.

I really liked how this turned out in the spiral notebook.  I had them bind it and hole punch it so that my camp director can store in in the binder with her other envelopes, certificates, receipts, etc. and can pull it out when she wants to take it in her backpack, shopping or somewhere without the bulk.  BUT, it also works great punched straight to the binder.

This is an at-a-glance certification spread for ALL 6 years.  Nice to have in one section.  I will be offering this spread as a free download soon just because I think everyone should have one. ;)

I LOVE that this has everything at your fingertips that you need for directing camp AND...

It's so cute and fun too!!

I hope you like it!

Grab your download today at the store.


  1. I just got called as the ward camp director and I love your planner!! Thank you for putting it together!

  2. I am not involved in Girls Camp, but this planner is making me wish I was! Love it!

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  4. Do you have any suggestions where to print? I downloaded the planner (so great, by the way!) and when I went to print one from Staples or Kinko's online it was over $60! That's not even hole punched or spiral bound, just the color copies!

  5. I really want to get this for my Girl Scout troop just not in the funds yet.

  6. I bought this download last year for camp and I love it! It has been a great help and resource. Unfortunately the computer I downloaded it on crashed and so I can't access the forms that need to be printed every year like the menus schedule, roster, etc. is these a way to get just these for,s again without buying the whole packet again. Thanks for your help! My email is Connie

  7. I need to know how many pages this is ASAP, please... Thanks so much!!

  8. I need to be able to change this to fit our camp this year, and I don't have Adobe. Is there any way that I can save it to make changes? And what fonts did you use? Thanks so much for this awesome product!!

  9. Thanks for providing good information,Thanks for your sharing.


  10. FYI the at-a-glance spread has the incorrect hike requirements for 1st levels. It should be a three-mile hike and learn what to do if you become lost. Wonderful resource! Thank you for making it available!

  11. Did you ever post that certification spread? I scoured your site and don't see it. Then again, I say I'm going to do all kinds of things and it all gets lost in the priority list so I totally get it if you never got around to it! Just asking. :)

  12. Is the Girls Camp Planning Kit still available for purchase? I could not find it on your website. THanks!

  13. Is it still possible to purchase this?

  14. i love this planner but it does not look like it is available it purchase anymore? Can I still get it?