Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is the difference between the Mom Yearly Planner and the Mom Academic Planner?

The yearly planner is dated Jan-Dec and the academic version is dated Aug-Jul.  The academic planners will be ready to purchase in April 2015.  

2. What are the different planners that you offer?

Right now we have 4 different planners that we offer.  Each planner has 5 different cover choices you can choose from on the web site:

The 'Mothers Who Know' planner designed specifically for a an LDS mom, with features like visiting teaching tracker, kid trackers, FHE planning, teaching pages, food storage, monthly & weekly spreads, etc.

The 'Mom-on-the-go' planner is designed specifically for a mom WITHOUT all of the LDS features.  There are kid trackers, chore charts, family goals, budget sheets, monthly and weekly spreads, etc.  

The "Times, Things & Places" planner is designed just for the LDS Young Women, though it's a great tool for any teenager regardless of religious beliefs.  It has places for goals, personal progress, evaluations, and homework/tasks etc.  NOTE:  We will not producing these planners this year, but we will be doing a downloadable pdf which should be ready around the first part of December.  :)  If you would prefer already printed and bound planners, we think the Simple Planner  is a great alternative.

The  'Small & Simple' planner is just that.  Small and simple. It is your basic monthly & weekly calendars with the planning matrix and budget included along with the holiday planning pages. It is non-denominational and has no mom features.  

The 'Know it, Live it, Love it' planner is specifically for LDS single adults/students or for those who either have not started their family yet, or their kids have come and gone and are now empty nesters.  It has LDS features in it such as visiting teaching, personal scripture study, budget trackers, monthly & weekly spreads, and holiday planning pages, etc.

4.  How much is shipping?

Shipping is $5.05 each planner.  If you buy 3-6 planners, shipping is $11.50.  If you buy 6 or more, contact me at melinda@intheleafytreetops.com for a discount deal and shipping costs.  If you are ordering from out of the country, the cost is anywhere from $26.00 - $59.00 (I know...OUTRAGEOUS) but contact me at the same email address and we can figure that out.

5.  How long will it take to ship?

When your planner ships, you will receive an email update with the shipping info and tracking #.  It usually take 1-3 days. They are shipped priority mail.  Depending on the Post Office this might not always be the case.  I personally do not guarantee the 1-3 day shipping, but that has been the average time in my experience.

6.  What are your hours, why don't you anwer my email right away?

I try really hard to answer emails as they come in but I do have to be really strict with the time I spend on my business and the time I spend with my kids.  My hours are GENERALLY Mon-Fri. 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  I do not work on Sundays ever and most Saturdays I take off.  FYI,  The best days to place an order are weekends and Tuesdays.  ;)

7.  What if I don't like the planner?

If you don't like your planner or are unsatisfied with it, you can return the planner as long as you have not written in it for a full refund.  You just pay shipping.  

If the planner is damaged in any way when you receive it, please contact me at melmomcreates5@gmail.com to return the planner for an exchange or a discount.

8.  Do you offer a PDF version of the planner and what sizes will it print?

We do offer a PDF download for the "Mothers Who Know" planner.  It is designed for an 8-1/2" x 11" print, but can be shrunk down to fit your personal preference.  I have printed it out for a filofax, an arc-discbound, and day planner.  All look fantastic, but I'm sure it depends on the printer you have.  I cannot garauntee a perfect print because I do not know what printer you have.  They are designed to print borderless.  I personally like to cut the paper to size BEFORE I print and then feed the printer with the right size paper.  These are non-refundable once purchased.

9.  Do any stores carry the planners?

A:  Yes, BYU Bookstore in Provo Utah has a few of the planners left in stock.  LDS Bookstore is also carrying a few right now as well.

10.  Do you make custom planners?

Not at this time, but I am currently discussing different options with my printer to allow for custom covers for our 2015 planners which is very exciting.

Extra Information:

1.  My shipping days are Tues, Thurs. & sometimes Sat.
2.  I do offer discounts for those ordering 10 or more planners. 
3.  If you do leave a comment or an email, please allow me a day or two to get to it as I try hard to take the evenings off to be with my family.
4.  I really want everyone to be happy with the planners and my customer service, so if there is something that I could improve on, please KINDLY let me know via email.