About Me

My name is Melinda Christensen and I created the original Mormon Mom Planner.  I have always loved planning, but could never find a planner that fit my specific vision, so over the course of a few years and lots of bulky, awkward planners later, my passion led me to create an LDS mom planner that would help me keep everything in one place without driving me insane.

I went a little crazy in my earlier planners and tried to include way too much and it just ended up overwhelming me and I didn't feel inspired to carry it around with me very much.  

I decided I needed to design the planner to be basic, yet comprehensive (is that possible?)  I wanted it to be functional, inspiring, cute and easy to carry around.  I also wanted it to be a type of journal (since I rarely write in a journal).  I wanted to create a tool that would help me dump my brain, my ideas, my goals, my schedules, my calling, my need to focus on items, my kid's needs and family goals and experiences, holiday planning, family home evening, sunday lessons, etc.  

Here is the planner today.

I felt inspired and blessed as I created this planner and feel so honored to be able to share it with others.  After the LDS version of the planner became so popular, there were many requests to make a planner for those without children at home and for Young Women.  I got busy tweaking a few things here and there and adding a few others and BAM, 2 other versions of the planner were created.  Then, so many others were requesting a non-denominational planner for moms and also for single women.  And now, we offer 4 different versions of the planner to sell along with a gorgeous wall calendar and planner accessories.  

So, a little bit about me.  I am a mother of 6 young children ranging from age 12 down to 11 months old.  I enjoy being a mother and wife.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am a Mormon aka a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I  use this planner myself and I have found that I LOVE how personalized anyone can make it to suit their individual needs and wants.  I love all of the space you can create, write, dream, plan and stay motivated in this planner.  I've included many blank boxes and sections to customize it to your own liking.  The boxes are small and not meant to cause pain in trying to do or say too much.  Often times it's the little things that we write down that we can focus on a little at a time to help us achieve our purposes and our desires.

I heard a talk given by Julie B. Beck talking about deliberate parenting and also about being "mothers who know", like the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors.  I believe this planner can help us reach that  goal by helping us to be more deliberate and in the know of what is happening in our own families and encouraging us to study out and seek things of a better in small and simple ways.