Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Home Evening Planning

These are the Family Home Evening Planning Pages.  Each month will look different.  On the top of the left page there are some boxes to jot down different plans for activities together for FHE.  You can keep track of Assignments and who's turn is when.  You can jot down ideas and things needed in preparation like art supplies, ice cream or whatever.

The page on the right gives you space to write down the lesson topics and a few simple ideas to implement or focus on.  The Family Council Box is a place where you can write down any concerns, rules or family business you want to discuss at FHE meetings.  Short, Sweet and simple is the whole point of these boxes.  The writing boxes aren't that big so as to keep things simple and easy.  Jot down idea words or action words that will just spark your memory enough to remember.  The boxes on the bottom right are the basic principles of a functioning family found in the Family, A Proclamation to the World and are a good idea to have in front of your eyes monthly to review and check any principles your family might be lacking or need improvement on.  You can just check the box and have it in mind as you're planning your lessons and such.

I'm very excited about this FHE planning page in the planner and think it will greatly benefit us as mothers to deliberately plan, establish & maintain our Family Home Evenings.

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  1. It will also have a different quote each month on the right page. Not shown in these examples.