Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Planner Overview

I'm going to be going over each page in the monthly section of the planners today to give those who aren't familiar with it a good overview.

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I will show you a lot of sample pages in this post.  I printed these off from my computer so this is not my real handwriting and not necessarily my real schedules or goals, they are just mock-ups, so take everything you see with a grain of salt and don't assume I ever have it all together like it appears on these calendar pages, because i rarely ever, if ever, have it all together.  That's why I desperately rely on my planner to help me sort of maintain a sane life.  :)

Relationship Tracker:  

This page is found at the beginning of each monthly section. The whole purpose of this page is to help keep at the center of your focus or priorities, those people who matter most.  It really is all about relationships and how we are trying to improve them and strengthening them.  You can make them long or just a one word focus.  It's up to you.

The Monthly Calendar:

I find that I have PLENTY of room to jot down the goings on in my family on this calendar spread.  I don't get too detailed with things because I usually do that on the weekly calendar, but my sister loves to use this spread as the main hubbub of her family scheduling.

Here are some samples of how much you can fit on these pages.

The Weekly Spread:

This spread is so awesome, because it is so customizable.  You can categorize, organize and schedule exactly the way you would like.

Here are a few examples:


This is such a great tool in the planner because it allows you to zone in on the particular 'to-do' lists that most of us have each month.  There is always somebody to pray for, something to read, a person to visit, a place to visit, a gift to give or somebody that needs a phone-call or a letter/email. This is the place to dump your brain and list your goals and the things you want to accomplish for the month.

The budget is small and simple but I added quite a few more lines so that you can customize it more to fit your needs.

Here is an example.  I just made the numbers up on the budget section off the top of my head so don't take this example as a serious budget.

This middle section has been tweaked a little and left blank for you to use as you would like.  I'm personally going to be using it as a project dump

Here it is filled out side by side.  There really is so much space on this.


-This is new to the planner this year 2016-

This spread is so cool, because we can use it however we want.  This extra space can be used for menu planning, groceries, self-improvements, exercise, work scheduling, church calling, kids schedules, baby feedings and so much more.  The sky is the limit!


All of the planners have these pages that I've already covered.  From here on out, I'll be covering the additional pages that are in the LDS versions of the planner, the Mothers who Know and the Know it, live it, love it planners.

Family Home Evening Spread:

This spread is really what makes this planner so different from the rest.  It allows to have ALL of our plans in one location which usually means we will use it more and see it and remember a lot more than we would having several different notebooks or planners.

It really isn't too big or too hard to jot down a few ideas, conversations, discussions, lesson plans.  I don't feel overwhelmed at all because I have small and simple things written down to help me be a little better at parenting. I love it because I can keep track of who's turn it is to do what without any fighting.  The fighting and arguing is what inspired this spread in the first place.  It hasn't happened since because THE PLANNER KNOWS ALL!  Haha!  My kids reach for the planner when it's time for FHE and I have refereed to it time and time again just to remember what the heck we talked about last week.  MOM BRAIN for sure around here.

This spread has helped me stay on top of our goals and wants for our family.  When we talk about an idea, I write it down.  If I don't it somehow disappears into the abyss of all things forgotten.  Which, for me, is usually never retrieved again.

Sunday Lessons/Inspiration Spread:

I love having access to this spread.  I can see what my kids are learning, or if I'm a primary teacher, I can see the current topics.  Same with the Young Men and Young Women.

I use these pages to keep ideas and thoughts for my calling.  Also, I use it to jot down inspirations I get as I listen to the lessons or the speakers.  I love referring to these pages for ideas to discuss in FHE or in my meetings at church.

Behind these sections are blank lined pages for notes and such to use as we please.  I like to use them to record thoughts from my scripture studies or conference talks.  Sometimes, I have used them for journaling or doing a quick re-cap of the month.  There are 3 total each month.


As you can see, there is SO much space in this planner to dump our brains.  To form lists, to dedicate for goals and ideals.  I haven't even covered the front section of the planner or the back section called 'Home and Family' that is included in the LDS mom version as well as the Non-denominational mom planner.  I will save that for a different post, but if you want to look at a preview, you can click here.

The planners are now available for PRE-ORDER in the store.  Grab yours today.

The planning "matrix" spread (New addition)

This post is a long time overdue.  Life keeps happening and it seems like it's not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Ladies,  I am SO very excited to have added a great new layout for the planners this next year.  This new spread will be featured in ALL of the planners and I really think it's going to fit a lot of our different needs, styles and wants.  I made up some mock versions of this spread, my husband likes to call it "the matrix" spread.  It's so very versatile and can be customized to fit our heart's desire.

So, let's get this party started.

Here is the new spread that will be included in ALL of the planners from here on out.  It is so simple, but so useful at the same time.  This page will act as a bonus calendaring spread where you can zone in and focus on whatever specific thing you need or want.  I have come up with a few different samples and ways this spread can be used.  I just printed these out on my own home printer to save time with writing it all out so this isn't my actual handwriting, though I wish it was.  But it gives you a good idea of all of the different options you have using this particular spread.

The way I show it here is divided up into weekly shopping lists for groceries.

So exciting right, but JUST WAIT!!!!

Here are some different examples:

Here it is divided up on the right hand side into grocery categories

Divided by Grocery Store

 Here is a Menu Plan and Different lists like Exercise, Snacks, Scripture Study, Work, etc.

 Housework is the main focus on the schedule here, with Exercise, Snacks, Scriptures, Work on the other lists.  It really is all about what YOU want to focus on.

 The main focus here is Work Scheduling.  Ideal for the WAHM.  On the other side are lists of the menu plans for each week.

 Again, Menu planning with some other personal goals on the side.  Self, Calling, Home & Health

 Housework and Work Plans on this spread will help keep you on track with your busy life

 Health and Fitness is the main focus here with other self improvement goals on the side.  It's so versatile.

As you can see, the sky is the limit with this planning spread.  You could do sports schedule's, music lessons, Reading schedule, Church Calling or Activities, Bill Scheduling, Homework Assignments, You name it.

On the weeks where there are 5 weeks for the month, the list gets an extra page for the 4 columns and there is still 2 lists on the spread.  SO cool.

I hope you guys are as excited about this new addition to the planners as I am.

Planners are available for PRE-ORDER right now in the store. Academic planners will be delivered in July and the 2016 planners with be delivered in early fall.