Monday, May 5, 2014

Ultimate Girls Camp Planning Kit

So, I've been keeping really busy these last few weeks putting this camp manual together for my Camp Director.  It has been so much fun.

I LOVE Girl's camp.  It is the highlight of my year and I feel so lucky that I've been able to go each year for the last 9 years.  I went 4 as a camp assistant, 3 as camp director and 2 as a Young Women leader.  What a huge blessing it has been to work with the Young Women.  Camp can really be such a magical, spiritual time to renew and bond and strengthen one another as sisters. Yah, so I can't say enough about how much I LOVE girl's camp.  So, do you guys get the idea that I really really love girl's camp?  Haha!

Without further adieu, I want to introduce this amazing camp director's kit.  It really stems from so many years of compiling my own lists and coming up with my own layouts, plans, ideas and such.  I thought I would make it available to others since there really is nothing else out there for this sort of thing, at least that I've found.

This download kit includes:

  • Camp Roster
  • Girl's Camp Overview - general questions and planning
  • Weekly overview page with hourly planning
  • Daily detail page with a hourly plan and menu overview
  • Packing lists for: Kitchen, Paper-Goods, Equipment, First-Aid Kit, and miscellaneous
  • Weekly menu overview
  • Daily menu guides with a place to write down the meals and the ingredients needed for each meal to help generate a master shopping list
  • Food preparation reminders
  • Individual shopping lists broken down by section: Fresh Produce, Bakery, Meats/Deli, Paper Goods, and Other
  • Certification broken down by level from first year up to youth leader. Each requirement is listed along with a place for each girls name and checkbox for when they have completed that item
  • Direction on extinguishing a fire, how to help accident victims, life threatening cases, shock, the Heimlich maneuver, rescue breathing, CPR and burns. You can teach the girls right out of your planning guide.
  • A master overview of all certification requirements by year and by category. 
  • Assignment checklist
  • Name slips and a Secret Sisters "Who has who?" form
  • Notes pages throughout
  • Camp Craft checklist
  • Tent/Cabin Assignments
  • Camp packing list for the girls & leaders
8-1/2" x 11" Sheet, Full Color.  Recommend that you print on at LEAST a #50 paper (so as not to show through like in the pictures, but only if it bothers you ;)  

So those are just a few samples of the colorful pages that you get with your DOWNLOADABLE purchase.   It has just a bit of everything you need to plan a great camp.

These are meant to be downloaded, printed (according to your needs/wants, ie. if you have 20 + girls, print out a couple rosters and certification sheets, if you have 5-10, print out one, etc. )  If you want to make multiple copies for YOUR WARD ONLY, then that is perfectly okay with me.  If you are purchasing for a stake or bulk, let me know and I will give you a discount.

I really liked how this turned out in the spiral notebook.  I had them bind it and hole punch it so that my camp director can store in in the binder with her other envelopes, certificates, receipts, etc. and can pull it out when she wants to take it in her backpack, shopping or somewhere without the bulk.  BUT, it also works great punched straight to the binder.

This is an at-a-glance certification spread for ALL 6 years.  Nice to have in one section.  I will be offering this spread as a free download soon just because I think everyone should have one. ;)

I LOVE that this has everything at your fingertips that you need for directing camp AND...

It's so cute and fun too!!

I hope you like it!

Grab your download today at the store.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Using Washi Tape & Scrapbook Paper to utilize your planner

This is a post to show you how to use fun elements like Washi Tape and Scrapbook paper to dress up your planner.  Washi tape is awesome because it's lightweight and you can remove it easily move it if you change your mind and it won't rip the paper.  I'm going to give you some examples below of different ways you can use paper scraps and tape.

This simple scrapbook paper is hiding my budget.  I've also attached a ticket stub that I needed for a date night with my man.  My budget it still accessible as you see in the picture below.  I just lift it up and write updates or review when I need to.  If you don't budget at all, this is a great way to put what you want there so the space isn't wasted.  Get lightweight scrapbook paper and put what you want there.  It can be a list of some sort, some goals, etc.

Peek-a-boo, there it is all tucked away and private.

 Here is an example of how I changed the "online info" page to something that I would use if I didn't want to have my info stored in my planner but didn't want to waste that precious space.  I just re-titled it and now it is it's own page made just for me to keep track of all the projects I have going around the house.  Yay!

Here is another example of how you can hide your info and make it cute and scrappy at the same time.  I just cut some different paper down to size and started covering it with my tape.

Now it's more private...

 Totally adorable!

Here is a party planning page that I didn't quite use all of, so I added a few extra paper scraps and now I made room for another party or to use as extra notes.  Extra note space is always awesome, right?!  Wahoo!

 Add Washi tape to remember or highlight dates in your planner, like birthdays, trips and anniversaries, etc.

 Here is another example of how I made more room where I needed it.  My St. Patrick's Day plans in March didn't need the full page, so I took some notes at our community caucus mtg, and PTA and made it a customizable page that fit my needs.  As the other page shows, it's great to divide pages up into sections or lists and draw lines around them to differentiate topics or events.  Use the tape to categorize them.

Again, the paper scraps are so fun and cute and you gain so much writing space by using them all over.

Block out large events to help them stand out using the tape, notice you can see my writing through the tape.  That's another great thing, you can write on top of the tape or use it as a highlighter depending on the color of your tape.

Here is my General Conference spread all decked out and ready for me to take some awesome and unique notes on.  I can write underneath the paper scraps as well.  SO much room and so much cuteness, it's hard to even bear.

I know that I will need to use the end of the month note pages as well for conference so I got those ready as well.


I used fabric washi tape (love it) to divide this divider page in half to get multiple use out of it.  

You can add fun elements and cards, pictures, quotes, etc.

I layer my kid pages too.  I have a sticky list to keep track of their goals they set for the year and still have access to everything beneath it.

And yet, another example of how I changed a page to suit my needs.  I only have 5 kids and there are 6 kid pages in the planner, so I used the last one for little ol' me.  I have needs and wants too, ;) so I'm mak'n it my own.  

So that is a little bit about my love affair with washi tape and scrapbook paper.  

Guess what's even better?  I made up some cute paper just for you to get started and just in time for general conference too.

Right click on the image and click "save as" or go to the store and download it there for free.

Print it out on "8-1/2 x 11" paper (Borderless for best results) and Wallah!  You're good to go.

Go ahead and share with your friends just in the nick of time and enjoy watching General Conference.