Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Update #2 - When will I receive my planner?

Thank you for the many kind e-mails and your understanding attitude about this very frustrating situation, especially since it's almost Christmas.

We are writing with good news... the planners have FINALLY made it off of the boat and they are on their way.

We expect them to make it to the bindery on Thursday afternoon where the perfect planner will get the perfect coil. At full speed, we can bind about 300 planners a day.

I hate to leave any of you empty-handed on Christmas so to get as many planners shipped out as possible we have contracted with a fulfillment company to help out.

And beyond that, we are going to put our family to work on Saturday packing and shipping so we can get as many planners delivered as soon as possible.

The question many of you want to know is, "Will my planner be delivered by Christmas?"

The good news is that we should be able to get about 600 planners delivered in time for Christmas. (Depending on how well the Post Office can handle holiday demand.)

The bad news is that we won't be able to get all of your orders delivered before Christmas.

Whether your planner makes it or not depends on when you ordered. We plan to ship the oldest orders (September and October) first.

The important point is that now that we have the planners in stock we will be shipping every day until all of your orders are delivered. We should be caught up by the end of the month.

Watch for an e-mail with a tracking number over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your orders, your encouraging feedback and for sharing your planners with your friends and family. And most of all for your patience.

Melinda and Ryan

P.S. If you chose 'Local Pickup' when you ordered, your planner will be available for pickup and not shipped. You will receive an e-mail saying your order is "Awaiting Pickup" once your planner is in the store and ready for you. You can find details about the pickup location here: http://intheleafytreetops.com/faq

P.P.S In case you missed it, you won't have to wait much longer for your planner. Many of them will be delivered by Christmas. All of them should ship by the end of the year.

If your planner doesn't make it for Christmas we are really sorry! We are trying our best to make up for lost time because of the union strike. 

This PDF may be helpful to you in the meantime as you start penciling things in for next year: http://bit.ly/2015PlanAhead

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"When will I receive my planner?" - A Shipping Update

When will I receive my planner?

As planners we all know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This is one of those times.

Have any of you ever heard of the Longshoremen's Union? 

Neither have I. Until now. But apparently they are on strike

Our original plan was to have all of the planners delivered by now. Had it not been for the strike we would already be shipping out 300 planners a day. As it is, your planners have been stuck on a boat in the harbor since December 3rd.

We are still waiting, and so are each of you. And I wanted to let you know why.
And honestly, even before this delay getting the planner just right, with the new pockets, sturdier cover and especially the aluminum coil cost us extra time. But the end result is beautiful! You are going to love your planners. Just read some of the reviews of those who received their planner in the first shipment.

When will we be able to start shipping the second batch planners? I don't know yet. Will they be delivered by Christmas? I hope so, but I can’t say for sure. The boat is getting unloaded, but because of the strike it is happening very slowly and is totally out of my control. But what I can do, I will.

I will pay extra for overnight shipping to us so that we can get the planners bound. 
I will pay extra to rush the binding.

I will pay extra in freight to get as many delivered as possible before Christmas. 
These planners are turning out to be a lot more popular (and a lot more work) than I ever expected when I first started selling them just last year. I honestly had no idea they would be so popular. Thank you for all of your orders.

As I just had a baby via C-section I’m busy recovering and taking care of my newborn so I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Ryan, who is going to be taking over customer service for me. You can e-mail him at: ryan@intheleafytreetops.com.

Mormon Mom Planner

Customer Reviews of the 2015 Mormon Mom Planner

Your planner is worth the wait...read just some of the many 5 star reviews we have received on the new 2015 planners. These reviews are from customers who were among the first 1000 to order and they received their planners in the first round of shipments.

Best Planner for Moms

"I love this planner! I always search for a planner/organizer that gives me everything I need and want. I have never found one, until now. I have tried everything from a simple one from the dollar store to a Franklin Planner and never found one that fit what I needed just right until now."


LOVE my planner!

"I love my planner! My mom bought my first for 2014 and I was one of the first to order the new one for 2015. It's so nice to have everything in one place: work, church, home... My husband calls it the "wanna be a mom planner." I guess that's his way of saying I use it all the time to help me in my mommy duties?! 

I really like the new spiral binding and the added features from last year's planner. I also really like how the months have been rearranged to keep all of the scheduling together. 

My only complaint is that there aren't enough of the awesome stickers for my larger family. But I understand there had to be a cutoff somewhere. :) 

I will definitely be buying again in the future."


SO Tickled!

"I am so tickled with my 2015 planner! I used and loved my 2014 planner to death, and I couldn't imagine surviving the next year without one. So I pre-ordered. When I got the planner I was beyond happy with the improvements. The new coil is amazingly sturdy and functional. The new laminated covers are awesome. The slight change in layout is awesome, I love that the weekly planning days are now before the other planning pages. I am so excited and recommend this planner to EVERYONE! Thank you!!!"


New and Improved

"The planner this year is amazing! I love the sturdy cover. I am looking forward to another year of great planning!"


Love the new features

"This is my third year with this planner and I, absolutely, love it. It fits the needs of my family and me, personally. The new features like the laminates cover, folder pockets, sturdy binding, and a zipper pocket make this planner even more user friendly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a hard copy planner. My iPhone just can't do everything."



"I am a very busy working mom who has many church meetings. I really needed an organizer that I could write everything in. I am able to keep track of my work schedule, church meetings, my own personal scripture/prayer progress, workout schedule, and write out FHE plans. I can literally put everything in my brain in this planner (which has plenty of room for writing by the way, you don't have to write tiny to squeeze things in) and I also love the conference quotes that are written in here to remind me of what my focus should be on everyday. I really do LOVE this planner and am planning on getting one every year to keep track of everything."

Absolutely beautiful!

"My planner arrived today!! And I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, Melinda. I love everything about the planner - the colours, design, quotes, the weekly prayers and scripture study tick boxes! I will definitely be ordering again next year! :D"


Must Have!

I have used and loved the 2014 planner so it was an easy choice to purchase the 2015 version. I have to say I am WAY impressed! The upgrades this year on the cover, tabs, etc are fantastic. I love that this planner has everything I need to manage my busy life along with uplifting quotes and opportunities to 'plan' out areas of my life that sometimes get missed or at best are rarely written down (date night, family goals, food storage, vacation planning, etc). The stickers are THE best! Thank you, Thank you! 


Love this planner!

"This planner is the bestimate thing I have found for me! I have tried probably every planner out there and this one is easy to use and easy to adapt to my life. The layouts are organized and I love how fun the designs are. I love this planner!"

Laura deJong

Cutest and most efficient planner ever...

"I was complaining about always forgetting something. My family leads a busy life. I have a husband who works out of town a lot and all my kids are involved in sports and school activities. It was getting hard to keep it all straight. My sister in law showed me this planner, I knew I had to have it! This planner covers everything from home, school and church. Plus lessons and scriptures to help keep me on schedule with the lessons at church, for me and the rest if my family. This is brilliant."

It's Awesome

"I have been getting my planner prepped for next year, and I am so excited to start using it! This planner has everything I need to make sure my home runs smoothly and I love the quotes."


Best LDS planner EVER!

Love how this planer has EVERYTHING, this will Deff be a yearly buy for me. My sister & I got one & we both can't wait to start using them!!!! Just got called to the YW & this is going to help me be so much more orgianzied!!!! Yay


Amazing quality!

"The 2015 planner is my third planner I have purchased. I am in love with the Mormon mom planner! It has everything I need to keep my busy family on track. I am so excited for January so I can start caring my new planner." 


Can't live without it now!...

"I have recommended this planner to so many people I have lost count! Exactly what I need. A lot of thought has clearly gone into determining what to include in the planner, couldn't be happier. I will be a return customer.... Maybe forever! Keep it up!"


Every Mom will need one!

"Gave this to my daughter and she loves it. She said she didn't need a Christmas present this year because this was equal to any thing I could ever give her. She can hardly wait to use it as she wants all her friends to see it because they all will want one and need one. Once my 15 year old saw it she wanted one so I ordered her the Young Women one for Christmas. Thank you for making my shopping easy!"


Only Planner I Actually Use...

"I always want to be organized and I buy calendars and planners in an attempt to stay organized. They last me a couple weeks before I just forget about them. This planner I actually use. It has helped me so much. I'm still learning how to effectively use it but that's an issue with me, not the planner. And my baby was just diagnosed with a liver disease so it has been imperative that I stay organized with names, numbers, and schedules for my kids so that our lives stay in control. I seriously LOVE this planner and will continue to buy it year after year."


Absolutely amazing!!

"I am in love with my new planner!! It covers everything you could possibly want. I cannot wait to use it! 

Thank you so much!! X"


You are going to love your planner! Please be patient as we endure these last few challenges in getting the planners delivered.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

LDS Stickers

Did you know that we have  LDS Themed Stickers to use for your planner or wall calendar.  These were so much fun to make and have inspired me to continue making cute and functional stickers to jazz up our daily routines.  They are ready to order and ship.  :)

You can go HERE to order.  

Here is a preview of the sticker sheet

Here are some close shots

Monday, October 27, 2014

Abinadi the Prophet

Here is the second speech that we have converted over to a different format.  Same great words found in your Book of Mormon, but formatted differently to fit the same general conference format that we are used to.  If you missed the first one, by King Benjamin, you can go HERE to download that.  

I love the Prophet Abinadi's words.  He has some of the most outstanding doctrines and beautiful writings in his ministry to the wicked King Noah and his Priests.  Abinadi came amongst King Noah and his people  to warn them of God's judgement if they did not repent and change their evil acts, like it describes in the following scripture:  

"Yeah, and thus they (King Noah & Priests) were supported in their laziness, and in their idolatry, and in their whoredoms, by the taxes which king Noah had put upon his people; thus did the people labor exceedingly to support iniquity...Yeah, and they also became idolatrous, because they were deceived by the vain and flattering words of the king and priests; for they did speak flattering things unto them...And it came to pass that he placed his heart upon his riches, and he spent his time in riotous living with his wives and his concubines; and so did also his priests spend their time with harlots."   (Mosiah 11:6-7;14)  

He had to preach to them doctrines, that as Priests, they should've already known and been teaching the people.  Abinadi said to King Noah and his Priests, "...wo be unto you for perverting the ways of the lord!  For if ye understand these things ye have not taught them; therefore, ye have perverted the ways of the Lord, Ye have not applied your hearts to understanding; therefore, ye have not been wise."  (Mosiah 12:26-27)

This last sermon of Abinadi's is rich in pure doctrine.  He reviews with the King and Priests the Ten Commandments. He speaks of the beautiful Atonement and Resurrection of Christ. He elaborates on the Law of Moses. He talks about the children of Christ.  He quotes many passages from Isaiah.  He talks about prophets and the nature of man and how we can return to God's presence.  So beautiful and packed with goodness.  

The king and priests were hard-hearted and would not listen to his words even after witnessing his power and authority as he spoke unto them.  It seemed that everyone of them was past feeling, everyone except for the Priest Alma, Abinidi's one and only convert in King Noah's court.  

Mosiah 17:2 says that "there was one among them whose name was Alma...and he believed the words which Abinadi had spoken, for he knew concerning the iniquity which Abinadi had testified against them; therefore he began to plead with the king that he would not be angry with Abinadi, but suffer that he might depart in peace."   Of course, King Noah cast Alma out and he had to flee for his life.  Alma ended up being a valuable tool and missionary in the church.  

M. Russell Ballard had this to say about Abinadi:

"Remember also Abinadi and Alma. Abinadi infuriated wicked King Noah with his courageous testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. Eventually this great missionary offered the ultimate sacrifice for his witness and faith but not before his pure testimony touched one believing heart. Alma, one of King Noah’s priests, “repented of his sins … , [accepted Jesus as the Christ,] and went about privately among the people, and began to teach the words of Abinadi” (Mosiah 18:1). Many were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ as a direct result of Abinadi’s powerfully borne testimony of the Savior, believed by one soul, Alma.

The lesson, I believe, is clear: having a testimony alone is not enough. In fact, when we are truly converted, we cannot be restrained from testifying. And as it was with Apostles and faithful members of old, so is it also our privilege, our duty, and our solemn obligation to “declare the things which [we] know to be true” (D&C 80:4).
Again, please keep in mind that we are talking about sharing real testimony, not just speaking generally about the things we are thankful for. While it is always good to express love and gratitude, such expressions do not constitute the kind of testimony that will ignite a fire of belief in the lives of others. To bear testimony is “to bear witness by the power of the Holy Ghost; to make a solemn declaration of truth based on personal knowledge or belief” (Guide to the Scriptures, “Testify,” 241). Clear declaration of truth makes a difference in people’s lives. That is what changes hearts. That is what the Holy Ghost can confirm in the hearts of God’s children."
More good stuff by Robert D. Hales talking about Abinadi & Keeping the Commandments. And more from Robert D. Hales, talking about Christian courage and the price of Discipleship.

Good stuff for sure!

Go ahead and grab your download of this great speech in General Conference format and enjoy studying the truths found in Abinadi's words.  You can share this talk with all your friends by pinning this speech and sharing it on Facebook.

What is your favorite teaching from Abinadi?