Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can't wait for each of you to have one!

I'm in love with this planner.  I had to majorly condense this bad boy from 429 pages down to 154 mainly because it was just too big.  Let me know if you want the majorly big version of it though.  It's like 1 lb.  :)

I ended up taking out a lot of the home improvement type stuff.  Sad, but I had to re-think the purpose of these planners.  They are to aid us in our mothering.  Home maintenance is important but not the focus.  There is ample space to write down cleaning thoughts and schedules on the weekly planner.

I've started using my planner and testing out the proof.  It is fine and dandy.  Very cute I say.  I'm enjoying the small boxes to write everything and anything I think of down.  Not too much space to make you feel like you have to write a novel, but just enough.  Might be too small for those that love the big 8-1/2 x 11" and like to write novels, but works for those of us who like to have small, compact goodness reaching to us from our purses.

I took some pictures of what it looks like.  My proof has the black coil but the others will have a wonderful silver coil that is very durable.

I divided my weekly planning page by Morning, Afternoon, Evening, but you can do it how you want to.  A lot of people like to separate it by family member or event.

Mother's Who Know Planner

Here is a closer look at the weekly planner:  The columns on the side are also for you to organize how you would like.  I used it for a "to-do" and a "grocery" list.  You can use it for Projects, Church, Callings, however you would like.  The boxes on top are also for you to use however you would like.  A focus word, a goal, priority, a quote or thought, something to memorize.  It's all game.

Here is one of the monthly calendar spreads.  Nice and roomy.  I just use my own little office supply stickers and write on them to make important things stand out.  I'm thinking I'll go to the craft store and see if I can find some other cute stickers to use.  I am in process of making my own LDS version of stickers to use in the planner eventually.

Here is the "teach my children" and Sunday lessons spread with an inserted sticky note.  I am stoked about these pages because they are what will aid each of us to be more deliberate in our parenting, in our conversations, in our teaching.  It is a big responsibility to teach our children in the way of truth.  This will help us do that.

Here are the Family Home Evening Planning Pages for March.  Just have to fill it out once a month really and it will help you keep things together for the rest of the month.  Yes, this is just what I have needed for the last 10 years basically.  Just a place to keep the FHE thoughts and ideas together.  Lots of open, roomy space to jot down plans, concerns, activities, goals, etc.


  1. Hi Melinda,
    I ordered a planner & paid for it. I'm excited to get & use it! I have not gotten a confirmation email or a response to my comment requesting that my set be sent unbound (no spiral or hole punch, just the pages & cover) so that I can punch & bind it myself to use with discs (circa levenger/arc) to make a version I can easily customize. I'll see if I can reach you through paypal. If you get this, shoot me an email Thanks!

  2. I thought I responded on the blog, but maybe it didn't notify you, but to answer your question. Yes, I can send that to you unbound with no punches. However, it will come without the dividers. Are you okay with that? I could give you a $5 discount. Let me know if that is the route you would like to go and I'll get that sent out.

  3. Hi Melinda, I've been looking into the idea of creating something similar to this for my Mom's group. (different religion :) Did you use a software program to create this? I've been searching and haven't found one that seems right yet. I love your planner! Thanks!

    1. We offer a planner that is non-denominational - it may be just what you are looking for. They are currently on sale for 10% if you use the code: 10forMoms

      If you get a group order together I may be able to save you even more. Check it out here and let me know if this is what you are looking for:

      I designed this on a Mac.