Friday, August 23, 2013

Technology "Bucks"

Do you ever feel like the amount of time your family spends using technology is a little over-excessive?  Do you feel frustrated because your kids are always begging and whining to use technology?
Are you constantly trying to get your kids to work instead of playing tech games or iPad games, etc.?
Do you wish you had a way to teach your kids effective time management and control of technology?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this post might come in handy.  I know that I am so excited to implement this into my family.  Wish I had done it earlier for summertime, but it's good timing for school, fall/winter when technology use is on the rise because of cold weather.  :(

My kids aren't horrible at abusing their technology time, but I still feel like they could cut back a ton.  I'm hoping this new system will aid me in taking control of what goes on in my family and how much of it goes on.  I believe in a good TV show/movie, a good game on the iPad, some fun games on the xbox, but I do not believe that we should allow our children to become addicted to or obsessed with any of these things.  If they are constantly thinking about technology and cannot come up with anything else to do, then I think they need some help to break their addictive behavior.  This applies to adults too.   Also, if we as parents can't think of anything else for them to do besides use technology then I believe we should re-think our own use of time and how we could use it better and more effectively with our children.  (Speaking to myself ;)

I don't quite remember where I saw this idea a while back to create technology "bucks", I know it was somewhere on Pinterest, but I've scoured my boards and can't seem to find it.  So the original genius will not be getting credit for this idea (unless somebody comes forward with the claim).  I have tweaked it a bit to make it my own and something that will work with my family.  I am offering it to you as well.


You can print these out on 8-1/2" x 11" paper or card stock.  It is in PDF format.  Print out the first page, then flip the page over in your printer and print the 2nd page so you get the front back buck.  When both sides are printed, laminate and cut out your "bucks" 

The questions on the back are meant to help the kids evaluate the best use of their time or to ask themselves if homework/chores are complete before they have the privilege of using technology.  My kids know they will not be allowed to use their "bucks" until the questions have been answered with a yes. They must also follow the rules or they will lose their tech time.  

In my family, we decided that if they have unused "bucks" at the end of the week, they will be able to turn them in and receive a prize or reward for each buck they have left.  OR, they can keep their bucks and save it up for a Friday/Sat. of free time, but only up to 2 hours of unused bucks can be saved per week.

You can tweak this to fit your own family and come up with your own system if ours doesn't work for you.  That is easy to do, just print the front page front and back and ignore the 2nd page.


  1. This wouldn't download for me. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Jackie, did you click on the "download here" button or on the picture? I just tested it and it took me to the download. /Users/ryanchristensen/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 7.22.22 PM.png

      Maybe you could try it again and if it doesn't work I will send the link to your email.


  2. these are super! thanks for such a great idea.