Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Planning Pages

Mom Planner

Can you believe there are only two weeks left until Thanksgiving?  Crazy.  I can't even rap my mind around that fact, let alone Christmas being right around the corner.  I think we should slow time down a little.  What do you say?

For all you die-hard Christmas in November fans out there (not judging), I'm just distracting you with this FREE Thanksgiving holiday planning pages download so you can have a happy time planning Thanksgiving and forgetting all about Christmas for a few minutes.  Haha.  It's all good.  No, but really...

I LOVE THANKSGIVING!  It's so cozy and such a great time to reflect and really give thankful expressions to those we love and to celebrate the goodness of life.  Decide which Thanksgiving traditions work for you and your family.  Is what you're doing now working or would you like to add something different or extra? Formal or casual?  Favorite Foods? Do you want a cozy dinner at home or a big family dinner in the cultural hall?  Traditions bind us together as families and it's so important to make them meaningful and fun especially when they're little.

You can print this out on regular letter size paper or shrink it down to the planner 6x9 size.  Make sure you click on borderless printing to get the full page.  

This download includes:



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  3. (Having a hard time with the computer tonight, sorry) I love this Thank you for every thing you do. You are doing a great work.

  4. Ha-ha! This is such a cute picture. Well, I completely understand this. My kids are big fan of Christmas because the streets are lit and they get present where as adults like thanksgiving too because we all are together. I have booked one of the venues in Los Angeles for the Christmas party for my kids.