Monday, August 18, 2014

Priesthood Blessings

One of the favorite traditions in our family is to spend the Family Home Evening right before school starts discussing the importance of education, being friendly and doing your best in school.  After we have a little discussion about it, each of our kids then receive a Priesthood blessing from their dad to help them start their school year out right.

 I love this time and it is so unique how each child has their own little help and guidance from their Heavenly Father pronounced upon them.  In the past, we have recorded these Father's blessings on our iPhone for our records, but I thought this year, we would have the kids record their thoughts and feelings after their blessing, so that it can remain in their hearts even longer.

I'm planning on typing the blessings up afterward, so that they can refer to it the whole year for help, guidance and comfort.

I think it's important to record these blessings down because of how quickly all of us are to forget.  I wish we had done this for all of the blessings I received from my dad growing up.  I have a few letters from my parents that were given to me at girls camp that offered counsel and guidance and I still cherish those to this day.

I made these little note pages for my kids to record their thoughts and feelings tonight right after the blessing and right before treats.  ;)   Feel free to click on the image and save them to use for yourself.  There is a girl and a boy version, print front & back, borderless printing. 


  1. Is there by chance a priesthood version to come out it would be awesome

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