Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Always be Thankful

I absolutely love it when my kids are grateful.  I smile when I hear them say thank you and when I can tell they really do appreciate when someone does something for them or gives them something.  It's rare that this happens like I would like, but it got me thinking about my own level of gratitude.  Do I really take the time to thank those around me on a regular basis for the good things they do.  Do I take the time to thank my Creator?  Do I acknowledge His hand in my life on a daily basis?  Do I take the time to appreciate my heritage, my testimony, my experiences, my trials, my family, my friends ?  

I think it's important that no matter what we're going through in life, that we have a spirit of gratitude and express it regularly.  

I read one of my favorite talks by President Monson again to review for this giveaway and there are so many wonderful quotes in it , like this one:

and this one:

The noblest of virtues!   I LOVE THAT!  


 I know that I'm so much happier when I'm grateful and feeling optimistic.  I also feel like it's contagious and I love being around happy, grateful people.

Today's giveaway has a focus of being more thankful.  

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  1. Does the "gratitude" tag need the 3 t's, or is it a spelling error? Just want to do this right! :)