Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Ways Your Planner Can Help You Tackle The Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. However, between celebrating with loved ones, attending work events, contributing to school activities, and spending time with those closest to you, it can be difficult to keep track of what is supposed to get done when and where you’re expected to be at what time. 
Thankfully, there is a way you can make this year’s holiday festivities more enjoyable and less stressful than ever. With these five tips, you can learn how to best use a planner during these busy times. 

1. First Things First  

First and foremost, it’s important to have a big enough planner so the November and December months have enough space to fit in all of your plans for the holidays. Simply start by adding every event you have planned to the corresponding date on the calendar. By writing these important dates down first, you’ll be able to quickly and easily determine when you can host your own holiday party or cookie exchange, and you can schedule other events around what you already have planned. 

2. Dominate Holiday Decor 

A staple on any mom calendar is decorations. Use your planner to make a Holiday Decor Inventory checklist of everything you’ll need to make the inside and outside of your home look great this season. Be sure to include things like ornaments that go on the tree, decorations for the table, lights for the house, any holiday collections, and so on.

3. Properly Plan A Party 

Planners are incredibly handy when it comes to party planning. Whether you’re brainstorming a party for your fellow friends or coming up with kids party ideas, you can use your planner to devise a grocery shopping list, a decoration list, and a party guest list where you include the names, addresses, phone numbers, and RSVPs from invited guests. Using a planner for party planning purposes is especially helpful in ensuring you’re not leaving anyone off the list or forgetting any critical part components.  

4. Track Your Gifts 

Similar to party planning, when it comes to tracking holiday gifts nothing is more helpful than a planner. Make a list of everyone you want or need to get a gift for. Keep track of which gifts you’ve purchased, which ones you’ve sent, and those which you still need to buy. By having it all on paper, you can rest assured you’re not forgetting anyone on your gifts list. 

5. Mastering Your Holiday Meal 

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the delicious, flavorful fare that accompanies these happy times. Whether you’re preparing a meal for a New Year’s party or a Christmas party, by using your planner you’ll be able to successfully navigate grocery shopping, prepare meals and dishes ahead of time, and plan out exactly what you want to cook for your family and guests. 
By using your planner, you can master your plans for the holidays and enjoy this festive, heartwarming time of year. As a busy teacher or mom-on-the-go, check out our wide variety of planners to find the style that best fits your holiday needs. 
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