Monday, January 23, 2017

Staying Ahead of the Game: How to Use Your Planner to Keep Up on Schoolwork


As a mom, do you ever wonder if there’s a simple way to keep on top of your crazy schedule? Thankfully, there is.
When so many people are turning to technology to keep track of their schedules, the moms who know best are using paper planners. Here’s why.

More Than Just a Planner

As long as there are schedules to maintain and homework to keep track of, daily planners will never go out of style. The benefit of a pen-and-paper style planner is you can shove school papers and fliers into pockets and within the pages of the planner to keep everything in one place, while still offering space to quickly jot a note or write down an idea. As a busy mom, you know that a basic planner can get the job done, but is just getting the job done really enough?
You need so much more than just a place to write down the times and dates of appointments, you need something that can act as a schedule maintainer, a homework organizer, a physical reminder of tests and school projects, a meal planner, a shopping list, and a place to keep track of your personal goals and individual needs.

For the Moms-on-the-Go

mom - leafy.png

Consider the Mom-on-the-Go Planner, complete with space for tracking individual kids activities, a chore chart, budgeting, and setting family goals to make sure no school project or school volunteer assignment is forgotten. This planner has everything you need to help with getting organized for school, but also enough space to organize your life.
For the Mormon Mom


With a religious flare perfect for the busy Mormon mom who’s looking for help keeping track of visiting teaching and FHE in addition to school organization ideas, the Mormon Mom Planner has it all. When you spend as much time with your planner as you do, it’s important to find something you love and can connect with—you know as well as we do that if you don’t love it, you won’t use it.


Sure, your phone can help you keep track of what time you need to be somewhere, but can you really jot down your thoughts and keep track of what’s most important on that tiny screen? A pen-and-paper daily planner gives you the space you need to keep track of the essential things in life, but also to feel a sense of gratification when you check items off of your list. Your planner acts as a bit of a journal, documenting everything you did over the year, acting as a record to prove that you can do hard things.

School Organization Tips & More

Why rely on unreliable technology to keep track of what’s most important to you? With a handwritten daily planner, at year’s end, you’re left with a record of all of your accomplishments for that year. No one can put a price on that.

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