Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paper Planning

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It's no doubt that one of the things I love to do is plan.  I've always been a planner and an organizer.  I love to see things turn into something beautiful, including goals.   Planning to me is taking my thoughts seriously and implementing them into actions and accomplishments.  If I don't take the time to record and write my impressions and plans down, it means I never really took them serious in the first place.  One of my major goals this year is to just follow my planner.  Haha.  I know that seems weird, but I take the time to write my goals and action plans down, so how foolish would I be to not follow those personal and thoughtout plans inspired just for me or my family?  When I follow my planner and do the things I committed to do, I feel a lot less stressed and like I can do those small things each day to accomplish my intentions and fulfill my purpose.  When I fly by the seat and disregard those plans, I feel like a feather in the wind and I have little direction and productivity.  I'm certainly not rigid at all about this and allow a lot of room for spontaneity and flexibility with kids, sicknesses, last minute things. For instance, I planned all of January  out with all of these amazing ideas and thoughts I had for home and for business, only to be sick for most of the month with ear infections, strep throat, etc. but it was nice to come back to work and life and have the plan down and all I needed was to adjust a few things and move a few things around and I was back on track again so, I do feel like it's important to stick to the plans and goals as much as possible, especially when they were made through prayer and inspiration.  There's nothing like a fresh start and I don't just use January every year for that.  We can start at anytime and make tweaks, adjustment, new goals, step it up moments and reset our life whenever we choose.  We can reach our potentials one little goal and step at a time.  I'm sure grateful for pen and paper to help me remember those little and big things along the way.

Here are some mock-up spreads I did awhile ago but thought they might be useful again to see different ways you can plan.

Mormon Mom Planner monthly spread mockup

Mormon Mom Planner Page Mockups

Mormon Mom Planner Page Mockups

Mormon Mom Planner budget spread

Mormon Mom Planner Sunday Spread

Family Home Evening Spread Mormon Mom Planner

Weekly Spread Mormon Mom Planner

How has paper planning helped you?


  1. Wish I could write so beautifully in my planner.

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  3. This post is great! I have so many new ideas now!! I have your Academic 2017 planner and am really curious how you use the birthday pages? Specifically the 12 block grid on the right? Thanks!