Friday, February 21, 2014

PDF Version of the Mothers Who Know Planner

If you missed out on buying one of the awesome "Mothers Who Know" planners, don't fear, there is this awesome PDF download available that you can print out from your home computer.  I do recommend you print it from your home computer for the most cost effective method.  To print out the whole year it will cost you about $40 worth of ink.

I set up the PDF to print borderless so your pretty paper will go right to the edges of the paper with no ugly white line.  So, make sure your printers are set to print "borderless".  You'll have to look at your individual printers and figure out how to do that.  Mine is a Canon and has the option right there in the "paper handling" section of the print settings.

I went ahead and printed one out for myself because I was curious to see how it worked in the 8-½” x 11” format and it really looks spectacular.  SO much room to write.  I would definitely recommend this version for those who love to write or who have big handwriting.  It would work really great for teachers also.

In the pictures, I used the Disc-bound system by Martha Stewart that really looks sharp, but I also put it in a three-ring binder which looks amazing too.

The download comes with the whole 2014 calendar year. It includes all of the holidays, FHE, Teach my children pages and all of the Home and Family section.  It’s nice because if you have 9 kids you can print out 9 kids pages, if you have 3, then you can customize it for 3.  Nice advantages, and all for only $19.99

In this particular binder, I can fit January through September.  Or January through August, plus the Home and Family section including the dividers with a little room to spare. 

 I love this disc-bound system because it's just like a notebook and can fold over and lay flat.  Really great for when you're sitting in a mtg and have the planner on your lap.

You can also buy just the discs separately for Cheap-ola and assemble it from scratch.  

I do recommend using at least a 32 # paper.  I didn't use that in this print-out, but wish I did because you can slightly see the ink coming through from the other side of the paper.  Not a huge deal, but just keep that in mind.

We also went ahead and made a PDF version available in the standard day planner size of 5-½” x 8-½” and will be posting pictures soon.  


  1. I just heard about your planners!! WOW!! They are remarkable!! So, I went to buy one and accidentally bought the PDF file one. Then I found this blog and here is a GREAT post about how to use the PDF format--DISCBOUND notebooks?? I have never heard of them before! However, they look fantastic! SOOO, my question is, do I need a special hole pouch to make this cool planner as a discbound notebook? I like the Martha Stewart one, but I'm not sure how you put in the pages. Could you continue to enlighten me with your WONDERFUL ideas?? Thank you!!

    1. Donna - cool, right?

      This is the called the Arc system by Staples. Check it out here:

      But you do need to buy a special punch to get started:

      And in case you missed it, we did just make a half-sheet PDF available for download, incase you want to go smaller:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Mormon Mom Planner

    2. I guess I should have been a little more patient--cause I LOVE the half-sheet better than the 8 1/2X11. In fact, I bought the PDF for the 8X11 and messed around with my printer to make it about 5X7. I really like it, but preferred the half-sheet but couldn't get the printer to make it that size and it is!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!! I LOVE the ARC system notebooks!! Like I said, I'm not very patient, so when I read your blog about the disc-bound notebooks--I went exploring online and found them! Then went to Staples and bought my supplies!! So SO Fun!! You are AMAZING!! I guess I will spend some more money to get the smaller vision now cause I like that the BEST!! Happy Planning!! :) P.S. we must be related some where deep in our roots; we have the same last name spelled the same way. Fun Times!

  2. You would be my forever hero if you made a planner the same size as the Franklin compact binders! I bought the MMP but it's just too big and bulky for me so I don't use it. :( I love the pdf format because I could print only the pages I want/need.

  3. Will you be doing an academic planner in PDF? I love my special but would like to try the disk bound due to the customization. Thanks.