Friday, March 7, 2014

Turning Hearts to the Family

The topic of families and home has been on my mind.  I can really see that the family is being attacked with a fierceness like no other time before.

Just the other day I was flipping through Netflix and was amazed at all the trash that was right at my fingertips, literally speaking.  I know there are plenty of good shows and entertainment, but pretty much the majority of what I flipped through was entertainment that promoted adultery, sex, living together before you're married, kids out of wedlock, abortion, selfishness, disobeying your parents, promoting zero population, self-gratification, etc.  I could go on.  What Hollywood is really trying to promote is unhappiness.  "Wickedness never was happiness" as we know and I found this great talk, entitled "That the lost may be found" by M. Russell Ballard and in it he quoted Pres. Joseph F. Smith:

He said: “There can be no genuine happiness separate and apart from the home. … There is no happiness without service, and there is no service greater than that which converts the home into a divine institution, and which promotes and preserves family life. … The home is what needs reforming” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith [1998], 382, 384).

Wow!  Pres. Smith told us that to have genuine happiness we need to look to the family, to the home. Not to our businesses, our blogs, our communities, our government, our material possessions. We are to encourage service and love IN OUR HOMES.   It's in our homes where we all strive to feel the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is by feeling that spirit that we are then prompted to act and to do good and to BE good.

This next quote really stood out to me.

It's amazing to me how much we look OUTSIDE of our own families and homes to find that ultimate happiness.  

Christ centered homes = genuine happiness! 

I know and understand that a lot of crap can happen sometimes in homes and families and sometimes it is not a place you feel welcomed, loved or accepted.  BUT, we can always turn toward the Savior and Come unto Him personally and keep Him as our foundation.  We will be blessed with that peace and happiness that can only come through Him.  You can seek and find that happiness by serving and loving others.  We can always strive to strengthen our homes and families regardless of our different situations by having that Light of Christ within us and letting it shine through us.

Here are some other versions of this awesome quote by M. Russell Ballard.  You can right click and choose "save as" to save it to your computer.

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